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 Fashion Look Inspiration

Fashion Crush of the Week.

(I don’t know who this girl is. This picture doesn’t belong to me or this blog. Source: Pinterest)

A true fashionista comes out in fall and winter. Why? It’s layering season. I love everything about this girl’s style. The coordination of the outfit; from the hair to the accessories, everything was well put together. She definitely made me fall in love with blue. We can all agree that her style is effortless, right?!

Each week, I’m going to start posting  a “Fashion Look Inspiration.” It could be anybody: bloggers, stars, family members or myself. Fashion has always been one of my passions. I love it because it’s a form of self expression. I honestly believe the way we dress says a lot about us, sometimes even more than what would like to disclose. The best way to describe my style is unpredictable and effortless.


I love challenging my creativity and the best way I do that is by researching about people who share the same passion as me. Thank God for social media!

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