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I love the diversity that comes with being natural (chemical free). Beside the overall growth of my hair, protective styles has to be my second favorite reason of being natural.

Crochet Braids just happens to be one of my top favorite protective styles (especially in winter).

Crochet Braids, also known as latch hook (to those who do not know) is a very popular techniques used among black women with either natural texture or relaxed (permed). The techniques consistence of adding synthetic or human hair extension into a braided hair (cornrow), by looping it underneath the braid with the help of a crochet/latch hook.

Now there are two method:

  • Knot : the knot where the hair was looped is visible
  • Knotless: the knot where the hair was looped isn’t visible.

The choice of style now days is limited. You can wear it curly, straight, twist, locs and even single braid. Below are some styles that I made.

Knotless Crochet Braids Cuban Twist ( Watch the tutorial here)


(I used two different texture to achieved this look. Watch it here)

(Hair info:Color: 1- Zury Toyokalon BANTU Black Crochet Braids 14 used 2 pack)  Color: 1, 1B- 2X Janet Collection Noir Havana Spirit HAVANA TWIST BRAID 22 used 1.5 pack)

Crochet Braids ft. Authentic Senegalese Twist  | 99J
The braids can be worn into 3 styles

(This hair was sent to me by to review. Click here to watch my review and how I styled it).

Crochet Braid Wig With Braided Cap 

I was very pleased to discover the wig method. This is perfect for someone who always want to change their hairstyle.

(Below is a tutorial video on how I made my wig using a Braided Cap and  Golden Queen Soft & Natural, Jamaican Braid)

(All products used in this video was purchase at my local  beauty store)

Name of the hair: Golden Queen Soft and Natural
STLYE:  Synthetic Jamaica Braid

– Original size: 19 Inch

– Color: 1 and 1B

– How many packs: 4.


As a mentioned in the video, synthetic hair is like a fabric. It doesn’t require daily products (maybe just a water base live in conditioner for scent and shine but that’s it).

Putting regular  hair products on an synthetic hair won’t help the extension last long. If you have synthetic curly wig, sew in or crochet braid and you’re trying to revived it:

  • Put a lot of conditioner in the hair
  • Tie a plastic bag around it.
  • Leave it for 1 – 2 hours then rinse it (No shampoo need).
  • Let it air dry then spray a leave in conditioner.

If you want to wash it fully then follow the instruction that I mentioned in the video (using raw unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar).

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