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My first blog post! What to write about?

First, welcome to my new readers and hello to my long time Friends. My blog is still under construction. Building a blog requires a lot of learning. Please be patience with me while I figure out, how this whole blogging lifestyle works. I will share my learning experience as I go. Any tips or advice on how to build your own blog it would be very much appreciated.

First lesson:

To self- hosted your own blog, with some fancy theme cost money. If you are not ready to spend, be ready to settle with a lot of limitation because free blogging platform aren’t really free ( trust me, that how I started).  Read this post, great tips on how to own your blog.

What I learned so far…

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#1. Do your research.

I read and watch (on YouTube) other people’s experience on how to build and have a successful self-hosted blog. Based on the information that i received, these were the steps:

  • Select a Platform
  • Get a domain
  • Hosting page
  • Theme
Me: Washington DC. 2014
Me: Washington DC. 2014

#2. Read other people’s review.

Read what people are saying about different blog/website platforms. If you are on budget ( like myself), read about the best place to get  affordable domain, hosting page and theme. Once you gather all your information, make the decision that works best FOR YOU.

How i started my self-host page:

  • I used WordPress  as my platforms . Click here to know why.
  •  for my domain name (Cost only $1.24, for one year ).
  •  as my hosting page (Cost $5.95 US  per month. paid $92.00 Canadian for one year). Click here to read the benefit of using Bluehost. 
  • I select WordPress free theme, for now. WordPress offers great and affordable theme as well, starting at $40.99 ( per year).


Little advice for new bloggers ( like myself).

You have to invest in your work, not just in terms of money but also your time, discipline, tolerance and patient. I am a firm believer in hard work never goes unnoticed. Success for me consist of :

  • Becoming a student to your own work
  • Invest in yourself
  • Believe in what you put out
  • Be your own #1 fans.
  • Never stop getting God involved in your plans.

Sincerely, Prisca.



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