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I Won A Giveaway Contest!

How many of you signed up to a giveaway contest before and won? Comment below!

Asili Naturals, a Canadian a natural beauty and skincare line was having a contest on Instagram. I originally discovered Asili Naturals from another blogger (stylish_apparel).

If you have been following my blog or any of my social media platforms then you know that I am very serious in terms of what I put on my body especially when it comes to my skin. 90% of the products I use are organic. I mentioned on my Pure + Simple review that I believe by nourishing our skin with natural ingredients, not only do we help our skin to remain healthy, but, we prevent it from being damaged. I am always on the hunt for natural skin care lines that really care about the well-being of the client. That’s why I really wanted to try Asili Naturals.

I had the privilege of meeting and chating with the face and founder of Asili Naturals, Telecia Knight. She is such an inspiring woman and so down to earth; I was blown away. She personally delivered her gift to me at my church and took the time to explain to me the vision behind her products. Telecia Knight experienced a traumatic event back in 2015 which led her on a cleaner, healthier lifestyle journey. “She went from reading and assessing food and beauty labels to learning, and eventually creating Asili Naturals, her own Natural Skincare line”  Source


All-Natural Citrus Tea Tree Deodorant  

All-Natural Face Scrub

Ylang-ylang Sweet Orange Butter

Picture Courtesy: Asilinaturalsskincare

Restorative Face Oil

Himalayan Bath Soak

Picture Courtesy: Asilinaturalsskincare


All-Natural Dead Sea Mineral and Tea Tree Mud Mask

Picture Courtesy: Asilinaturalsskincare

Personalized Bath Ball (New product)


Foot Scrub Stone

I will be testing these products for 30 days.Stay tuned for an honest review and final thoughts about this natural skin care line.


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